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More Than a Coach

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


In early April 2020 — when coronavirus restrictions were in full force — I had three high school coaches from different states reach out to me, asking if I would do a zoom call with their team.

During these calls, I talked about my high school and college journey, answered questions, and provided some camaraderie. I enjoyed talking with the coaches and young athletes and felt like I was able to give them advice to help them through various hardships they were facing. While I considered becoming a coach in the past, I thought it would be further down the road when I was done with my own running career.

These zoom calls lit a spark to take the leap now, especially during an unprecedented time while I had extra time on my hands to prepare.

I was encouraged by family members who brought to mind the wide variety of experiences I had to qualify me: Aside from high school and college accolades I had completed a summer internship with a sports dietitian, worked with various strength coaches, athletic trainers and physicians for over 5 years, and I knew a great deal about psychology and the human body from my undergraduate studies.

With this encouragement behind me, I spent my “quarantine time” reading coaching-related books, writing strength routines and making exercise demo videos. I also reached out to various coaches for professional advice.

Everyone held some piece of my puzzle and each conversation brought me one step closer to a clear picture of what my coaching program would look like.

The more I thought about my coaching program, the more I realized I want to do more than write training plans: I want to be a mentor.

I want to help athletes improve on all aspects that factor into a good distance runner. That means on top of providing personalized training and strength programs, I talk face to face virtually with my clients about all of the ways to improve performance. We talk about mental toughness in races and workouts, recovery techniques, nutrition and hydration, and so much more.

Running is both mental and physical, which is why there is incredible value in having a mentor you feel comfortable talking to — especially someone who has experienced similar struggles and come out of them stronger.

I want to be the person young athletes can lean on to gain confidence and guidance as they strive to reach their goals.

Whether hoping to make the varsity squad, striving to be the next state champion, or working towards a college scholarship, I am here to help runners achieve what they set their mind to. With experiences of both injury and success during my 10 years in the sport, I understand the need for a coaching program just like this and desire to help athletes reach their full potential and grow their love for running. I am excited to see where this journey takes me and each individual I get to work with.

I’ll be alongside them each step of the way.



3,000 Meter Run (Indoor): 9:11.14

5,000 Meter Run: 15:29.83

6,000 Meter Run (XC): 19:26.40

10,000 Meter Run: 31:58.99

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