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Earth Day Photo Compilation

To celebrate Earth Day, we reached out to runners to share their most scenic nature pictures to celebrate our home. We hope you enjoy!

Jasper National Park

“One of my favourite places on earth in Jasper National Park. About half way up Mount Edith Cavell (11,000ft), we got weathered out but returned the following year to summit. In the background is the upper portion of Angel Glacier, a hanging glacier that is retreating drastically every year.” – Taryn O’Neill, NAU sophomore

Shangri-La, China

“This picture was taken last August in the Yunnan Province of China in the town of Shangri-La. It was towards the end of a three-week trip with a Duke and Stanford program called ACE (Athlete Civic Engagement). My teammate Josh and I would always go for early morning runs around the Napahai wetland which were at an elevation over 10k feet. Watching the sun strike the water as it began to rise to start the morning is certainly something I miss greatly, but to shoot you straight, at this particular time I really just miss running with one of my Duke teammates.” Alex Miley, Duke junior

Sacramento, California

“This is on the river levee about a mile away from my house in midtown Sacramento and the place where I log most of my miles. About 4 miles in it turns into a bike path and runs for 30 miles upriver! This was from my last run at home the morning before I flew off to start my freshman year of college, but I’m currently home running many more miles here! It’s always beautiful and sunny and a perfect place to run on a hot summer day if you plan for a mid-run jump in the river.” Olivia O’Keeffe, New Mexico sophomore

Boulder, Colorado

“This picture was taken on the Doudy Draw Trail in Colorado. It’s one of my favorite places to run and one of the most challenging. The altitude can be tough to adapt to but the scenery makes it that much more gratifying! Also, the friends you bring along definitely help too… Savannah (front) and Caroline (back) are two pals I made working at The Boulder Running Camp.” Jordan Williams, Penn State junior

Grand Canyon, Arizona

“We arrived around midnight, found an empty parking lot and set up a tent in the woods off the side of the road. Our alarms went off around 5:30a.m. and we started our trek. The way down is long, but the canyon offers so many beautiful layers that can’t be seen by those who simply gaze upon it from the rim. There’s nothing like the warm Arizona sun beating down on your neck while your toes grip the sand of the frigid Colorado River.” Zach Barker, Alvernia University assistant coach and Liberty alum

Alberta, Canada

“This was in Alberta, Canada at one of the many beautiful crystal blue lakes. I was running there in summer 2019. I was on vacation visiting my family and they showed me some awesome trails. It was absolutely gorgeous running there and being there made me appreciate running and nature and how peaceful it can be compared to running on the busy streets.” Heidi Nielson, Katy Cinco Ranch High School junior

Basel, Switzerland

“This is a path along a farm behind my house in Basel, Switzerland that I have been running/biking/walking along since I was little! It’s beautiful year round, sun or snow. Sometimes we buy honey and jam from the farm and run back home with a jar in each hand.” Alie Fordyce, Princeton alum & Georgetown grad student

Boulder, Colorado

“No place I’d rather run than in Boulder. Meeting up with the homies, exploring new trails, and getting to run on a new route each day of the week makes fit boy summers fly by. Whatever you want on the day: hilly, flat, single track, dirt road, at your disposal. Not to mention, it’s hard to beat the view of the flatirons. The only thing that sucks is the altitude… but hey, whatever makes you stronger! If you run on a treadmill while in Boulder, you’re just wrong for that one chief.” Will Dixon, Duke sophomore

Alexandria, Virginia

“This is me running in Old Town Alexandria last summer when I was on vacation with my family. The runs were beautiful along the river. My family biked beside me and it was so much fun to explore new places while running.” Olivia Arizin, Georgetown junior

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee

“Running takes you to many beautiful places, but my favorite is out my back door in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I grew up running these rolling hills, and it is always very peaceful (except the occasional run in with black bears). This picture was taken on a rainy morning last summer at the Cades Cove Loop, and it is still my all-time favorite place to run!” Rebecca Story, Stanford sophomore
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